Balconies, Terraces & Walkways

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The waterproofing of open-air spaces such as balconies, roof terraces and walkways is essential to ensure protection of the building fabric.
Continuous exposure to the elements can lead to water penetration at door and window joints, and at the connection points of the structure.
With over 50 years market experience, WIDOPAN balcony systems can provide a secure, strong and long-term waterproofing solution, along with flexible, self-levelling system and decorative, hard wearing top coat.
Balcony Renovation in One Day – Our waterproofing and surfacing systems are compatible with virtually all substrates including asphalt, meaning there are no additional costs and time delays associated with the removal of existing coatings.
Due to the ease of application and the extremely fast curing times of our balcony system, WIDOPAN is the first choice of architects and builders when refurbishing occupied buildings.
Complete renovation of a balcony or terrace, from waterproofing to finished surface is achievable in one day, ensuring a quality, long term solution with minimal disruption to occupants.
Self-Levelling & Low Layer Thickness – The WIDOPAN balcony system has many benefits over traditional systems, including our fully flexible, self-levelling mortar which creates an optically perfect surface – eliminating any existing imperfections or unevenness in the substrate.
Also, the WIDOPAN balcony system is perfect if threshold heights are an issue – a full system including fully reinforced waterproofing, selflevelling layer and decorative top coat is only around 4-6mm in total thickness.
Decorative Design Options – The WIDOPAN balcony system utilizes WIDOCRYL-Topsiegel – our flexible and extremely hard wearing top coat product. Available in 8 standard colours, with any RAL colour possible for special orders, your outside space can be made truly bespoke with numerous design options available – including the addition of decorative coloured chips, and the application of a ‘Tile Effect’ surface.
Outdoor areas can also be finished using WIDOPAN-Stone Carpet – our resin-bound surfacing system. Available in various colourways and finish options, WIDOPAN Stone Carpet is a premium choice for those that want a luxury flooring finish.
Finished surfaces are slip-resistant and highly trafficable – increasing the life of your balcony or terrace and reducing the usual maintenance costs associated with traditional materials.
Widopan, Liquid WaterProofing Systems for Roofs, Building, the Construction industy, Essex - Balconies, Terraces & Walkways v2
Widopan, Liquid WaterProofing Systems for Roofs, Building, the Construction industy, Essex - Balconies, Terraces & Walkways v2
Walkways – Communal walkways, stairs and stairwells are commonplace in new build and existing multi-floor housing and structures. These high traffic areas have great demands placed on them as a result of weather conditions and mechanical loads. 
For that reason, outdoor surfaces must remain highly robust and wear-resistant to prevent degradation to the surface and possible water ingress from having an impact on the structure. 
There are also health and safety concerns regarding slippery and uneven surfaces and poorly marked steps and trip hazards. WIDOPAN waterproofing & surfacing systems provide solutions to all of these issues. 
Our fully reinforced and highly flexible waterproof membranes provide a strong and secure seal, whilst our hard wearing, highly trafficable top coat system provides a durable finish that is slip resistant.
Fully customisable with a range of colours available for both the finished walkway surface and any trip hazards that require highlighting.
• Fully Reinforced Waterproofing
• Cold Applied System – no heat required
• Low layer thickness – Eliminates Threshold issues
• Fully Flexible System
• Self-levelling Layer – Eliminates unevenness and imperfections
• Rapid Curing – Full renovation in one day
• Multitude of decorative surfacing options