Waterproof Resins – Wet Applications: The Ultimate Test Of Waterproofing


When most people think about waterproofing, they picture roofs, terraces and walkways.

But liquid waterproofing has many more uses, not least of which is wet applications.

The ultimate test of any waterproofing solution, wet areas are constantly submerged in water,  presenting many unique challenges.

For any product to successfully maintain a wet area, it needs to be highly reliable, durable and flexible – WIDOPAN is the trusted choice.  


Waterproof resins – More Than Just Roofs

Protecting buildings and structures from penetrating moisture is one example of what we do here at WIDOPAN. We also manufacture materials and systems capable of constant exposure to water.

This article will share a few examples of where this level of protection is required and how our waterproofing solutions stand up to the test.


Fountain Waterproofing Solutions

When waterproofing fountains, whether private or public, there are a number of factors to consider. The continuous ponding in the basin and the constant impact of ‘aggressive water’ created by the fountain are two of the most significant. The materials used in these areas are required to both contain the water within the structure and protect the area from moving water.

WIDOPAN high-performance coatings are suitable for various application areas, including complex detailing and fully immersed areas.

Our materials perform exceptionally well under continuous immersion and are able to conform to shapes and contours with ease. The impermeable barrier is easily applied around penetrations to create a seamless lining.


Liquid Waterproofing A Swimming Pool

There are many things to consider when creating the watertight environment that a swimming pool requires. The materials used need to be resistant to chemicals, such as chlorine, and durable enough to cope with foot traffic.

WIDOPAN offers products that are not only slip-resistant and hard-wearing but are available in various colours, finishes and decorative options. We ensure your residential or commercial swimming pool is both fully waterproofed and visually appealing. 

Our products such as WIDOPAN-Stone Carpet will enhance the steps and walkways around the swimming pool both aesthetically and with practical benefits. Once laid, this exclusive product creates a seamless and porous surface that allows water to pass directly through it, creating a hard-wearing and non-slip area.


With WIDOPAN’s extensive experience, no matter how unique the project is, we’ve got the right product waiting for you. Contact a member of our team today to learn more.


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