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Waterproofing Brent House Wembly - Widopan UK
Case Study: Brent House, Wembley, HA9

At the end of 2014, following the relocation of the London Borough of Brent council offices, a 1.9-acre site was acquired by Henley Homes. The 1960’s office building, located on Wembley High Rd, was subsequently demolished in 2017, and work began on the development of Brent House. The project involved the construction of two seven … Continue reading "Case Study: Brent House, Wembley, HA9"

Preparing Your Roof For A Change In Season - Widopan Resins
Preparing Your Roof For A Change In Season

Now that we are heading into autumn and the temperature has started to drop, it’s a good time to check on the state of your roof. After long periods of increased sunlight and a reduction in rainfall, summer may have taken its toll on your structure. So before getting into wetter weather and frosts, it’s … Continue reading "Preparing Your Roof For A Change In Season"


WIDOPAN has established itself as one of the leaders in the cold applied liquid waterproofing sector. Early in the 1990s, our products became available in the UK for the first time and we’ve gone from strength to strength since. This article will examine a brief history of Widopan UK and the the company’s operations overall. … Continue reading "A History Of WIDOPAN UK"

Case Study: The 2012 London Olympics Athletes’ Village

We always enjoy sharing case studies from projects completed using WIDOPAN’s products and systems. While not all make it to our website, here’s one that makes us particularly proud. The Olympic Athletes’ Village In the lead-up to the 2012 Olympics in London, the country was buzzing with anticipation. People from all industries around the UK … Continue reading "Case Study: The 2012 London Olympics Athletes’ Village"

Case Study: A Sustainable Community At The Heart Of NW7

WIDOPAN proudly supplies products and systems to all types of projects. Whether industrial, commercial or, in the case of this next project, residential. A new development was planned for this leafy suburb of London, and once again, WIDOPAN was contacted to help. Millbrook Park, Mill Hill, London The vision for Millbrook Park was to create … Continue reading "Case Study: A Sustainable Community At The Heart Of NW7"

WIDOPAN, No Job Too Small

In previous blogs, we have highlighted some of the prestigious projects that WIDOPAN products and systems have been involved in. However, our products are highly regarded in many contexts, from the small roofing jobs to the largest projects. This article showcases some uses for our products and systems on some of the smaller projects. Smaller … Continue reading "WIDOPAN, No Job Too Small"

Can Liquid Waterproofing Be Used On Listed Buildings?

Since many historic and listed buildings lack up-to-date systems of waterproofing, they are frequently vulnerable to the harmful effects of water ingress. But how can you get the desired protection while maintaining structural and aesthetic integrity? Liquid waterproofing systems use the latest technology to ensure that any area treated remains waterproof, protecting and maintaining the … Continue reading "Can Liquid Waterproofing Be Used On Listed Buildings?"

Widocryl-Point Fix, No Need For Mechanical Roof Fixings

Solar panels are becoming a common sight on the tops of buildings in cities and towns all over the country. Implementing this type of technology can be a great way of generating electricity. Solar systems keep your building running costs down and reduce your carbon footprint. However, when fastening solar panel modules and rails, drilled … Continue reading "Widocryl-Point Fix, No Need For Mechanical Roof Fixings"

Lightweight Screeds And The Importance Of Creating Falls For Drainage

When working with flat roofs they can be, to put it bluntly, sometimes, too flat but lightweight screed can be the perfect solution. What Are Drainage Falls, And Why Are They So Important? At WIDOPAN, when we talk about falls, we refer to a variable thickness on the roof’s surface. Falls allow water to channel … Continue reading "Lightweight Screeds And The Importance Of Creating Falls For Drainage"

Sheet Membrane - WIDOPAN-FD Polyester Waterproofing System
Should I use a Liquid Waterproof Coating or a Sheet Membrane?

When it comes to sheet membranes vs liquid waterproofing, there are many reasons one may be more suitable than another. But, time after time, we find that WIDOPAN delivers superior results to traditional sheet membrane systems. In a previous blog, we delved into what Is Liquid Waterproofing, giving you an insight into its application and … Continue reading "Should I use a Liquid Waterproof Coating or a Sheet Membrane?"