WIDOCRYL-Point Fix PV Anchoring System

WIDOCRYL-Point Fix uses a unique fastening technology protected by registered design for photovoltaic and solar installations.
Conventional mechanical fixings for photovoltaic and solar systems (modules and rails) on flat roofs involve drilled holes and additional loads, which often lead to damage to the roof membrane and water ingress.
Using our specially designed resin, you are gaining an ultra-strong, fast curing fixing system with no need for screw connections or superimposed loads.
Simple application methods mean installation is completed in minutes.
WIDOCRYL-Point Fix is especially suitable for industrial units with lightweight flat roofs where weight loading is an issue.
This well established Widopan Product has been subject to rigorous testing.
The adhesive tensile strength values determined by the Braunschweig Materials Testing Centre Germany are many times the holding forces for wind suction load required by DIN 1055.
All manufacturers of renewable energy systems for solar and photovoltaic installations, as well as licensed specialist companies in this field, can take advantage of this fastening technology
Widopan, Liquid WaterProofing Systems for Roofs, Building, the Construction industy, Essex - WIDOCRYL-Point Fix v1
WIDOCRYL-Point Fix PV Anchoring system - - Widopan , Roofs, Balconies, Building, Essex
The key benefits of WIDOCRYL-Point Fix are;
  • No drilled holes
  • No screw holes which might lead to leaks
  • No additional imposed loads
  • Greater holding force in the event of wind suction loads
  • Bridging of height differences in the roof membrane
  • No heat bridges