WIDOPUR-LF 1K Single Component Solvent-Free Waterproofing

WIDOPUR-LF 1K is a single component, solvent-free waterproofing resin, suitable for various application areas including complex detailing and connections.
The material basis of the WIDOPUR-LF 1K is a silane terminated polyether.
Being a single component product, WIDOPUR-LF 1K can be applied straight from the tub, without the need of any hardeners or accelerators.
Cold-applied and solvent-free, the use of WIDOPUR-LF 1K avoids the risks associated with hot works and is suitable for application in areas where solvents pose a problem, such as schools and hospitals.
WIDOPUR-LF 1K is applied by brush or roller and will adhere to practically all substrates, and in some cases without the need of a prime-coat.
The WIDOPUR-LF 1K solvent-free waterproofing system incorporates our industry leading polyester fleece, resulting in a highly flexible, fully reinforced system.
Widopan, Liquid Waterproofing Systems, Brentwood, Essex - WIDOPUR-1K Illustration V1
WIDOPUR-LF 1K Single Component Solvent-free Waterproofing - Widopan , Roofs, Balconies, Building, Essex

The key benefits of waterproofing with WIDOPUR-LF 1K are;

• Single Component – ready to use straight from the tin
• Solvent-free resin
• Suitable for schools, hospitals and nursing homes
• Often no primer required for certain substrates
• Flexible, fully reinforced system
• Cold applied – No heat required
• UV stable
• Root resistant
“WIDOPUR-LF 1K can be applied straight from the tub without the need of any hardeners or accelerators”
  • WIDOPUR-LF 1K Safety Data Sheet
  • WIDOPUR-LF 1K Product Data Sheet