Advice For Applying Liquid Waterproofing Systems In Winter


When planning a job that spans the winter months, it’s essential to know which materials can withstand the drop in temperature, especially in the application stage.

Warm and dry conditions are the most favourable for external applications, but what if the weather isn’t going your way? 

Can you apply liquid waterproofing systems in the winter?

In short, the answer is yes. 

However, we have some advice to ensure your waterproofing system is applied without any problems or delays.

So, what do you need to know about applying Liquid Waterproofing Systems In Winter?

Substrate Preparation

When installing liquid applications, it’s important to prepare the area correctly.

Loose debris and residual dampness can have an adverse effect and negatively affect the integrity of the waterproofing system. 

Over the winter months, conditions can be much more challenging for anyone working outdoors.

Delays due to substrates being too wet or too damp, don’t need to hold up your job anymore.

WIDOPAN has a range of primers that can be used on most substrates to prepare the area for further protective coating.

Products like WIDOCRYL – PM Concrete Primer can be applied to new and damp concrete substrates, meaning you don’t need to push back your project waiting for the perfect working conditions.

Environmental Conditions

The effectiveness of cold-applied liquid waterproofing applications depends on the installer’s understanding of the surrounding environment.

The weather greatly influences the outcome of a successful waterproofing application, and most waterproofing products should not be used when rain or other precipitation is expected. 

Some manufacturers advise coating away from the sun, while others recommend applying when temperatures are in a specific range.

At WIDOPAN, our products have been designed to cope with the environmental problems associated with winter.

WIDOPAN-FD is a great example – it’s the perfect solution for new construction and refurbishment projects.

And with application possible at deck temperatures down to -5˚c, works can continue throughout the winter months. WIDOPAN-FD is shower-proof after just 30 minutes, and waterproofed areas are trafficable 2 hours after application.

Now you can beat any incoming rain and keep your project moving forward, even in the coldest conditions.  

To find out more information on the wide range of products available at WIDOPAN that will keep you going all year round, contact a member of our team now. 


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