WIDOPAN-F Flexible Mastic Seal

WIDOPAN-F Flexible Mastic Seal is the perfect solution for the sealing of difficult and inaccessible details.
Consisting of a single component, MS polymer, WIDOPAN-F is silicone-free, solvent-free and odourless. WIDOPAN-F has good UV resistance, excellent weather resistance, very low shrinkage and offers a wide range of adhesion.
Once applied, it is permanently soft and flexible and has a temperature resistance of – 40 °C to + 90 °C. 
Applied with a sealant applicator gun, WIDOPAN-F will seal gaps and cracks on virtually any substrate, without the need of additional reinforcement fleece.
WIDOPAN-F is fully compatible with all WIDOPAN resins.
WIDOPAN-F Flexible Mastic Seal

The key benefits of WIDOPAN-F mastic are;

• Reliable sealing for cracks, gaps and inaccessible areas
• Adheres to virtually any substrate
• No additional reinforcement needed
• Flexible even at low temperatures
• Lightweight & UV stable
• Can be applied in wet conditions
• Cold applied – No heat required

“WIDOPAN-F mastic remains flexible, even at low temperatures”