WIDOCRYL-PM TEN Waterproofing System

WIDOCRYL-PM TEN is a 2 Component, Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) based waterproofing resin.
Suitable for a multitude of application areas, its the perfect waterproofing solution for problematic areas such as detailing, upstands and penetrations.
Cold applied by brush or roller, WIDOCRYL-PM TEN will adhere to practically all substrates, and in some cases without the need of a prime-coat.
Fully reinforced with polyester fleece, this product creates a permanently elastic, monolithic membrane that is shower-proof in as little as 15 minutes.
Other useful applications include the overlay of failed single-ply membranes and the encapsulation of asbestos roofs 
Liquid Waterproofing Systems, Brentwood, Essex - WIDOCRYL-PM Ten Illustration V1
WIDOPAN-FD Polyester Waterproofing System - Roofs, Building, Construction Industry, Essex v1

Key benefits of waterproofing with WIDOCRYL-PM TEN are;

• No primer required for certain surfaces
• Application possible down to -5˚C
• Fully bonded, monolithic system
• Easy application
• Highly flexible
• Rapid curing times
• Cold applied – No heat required
• Fully reinforced system
• Self-terminating
BBA & EOTA Certified