Waterproofing a Walkway with Widopan


Whether constructing an apartment block, office building or simply maintaining an existing structure, it’s incredibly important to choose the right product for walkway waterproofing. 

When done well, a waterproofed walkway offers a slip-resistant, durable path that protects the underlying structure from moisture ingress and damage. 

But, in contrast, a poorly waterproofed walkway can become a hazard both to your residents and your building. 

With over 50 years of industry experience, WIDOPAN offers a long-term waterproofing solution for residential, commercial and industrial walkways. 

Challenges in Waterproofing Exposed Walkways

There are a number of challenges in waterproofing and weatherproofing exposed walkways.

Often the most high-traffic areas of a building, walkways must be hard-wearing and able to withstand foot traffic as well as sun, rain and snow.

The logistics in replacing an existing walkway are enough to give most building managers a headache, especially if the project will restrict access to homes or offices.  

In summary, the three most common challenges are;

  • Exposure to the elements
  • Foot traffic and usability
  • Disruption and downtime


The WIDOPAN range has been specifically developed to tackle these issues head-on, allowing contractors to apply the waterproofing solution quickly, safely and with minimal disruption. 

WIDOPAN: The Best Waterproofing a Walkway

While a variety of WIDOPAN products are suitable for walkways, there are two in particular that prove most popular – WIDOPUR-LF 2K and WIDOCRYL-PM. 

While both offer the same durable waterproofing qualities, each has its own unique benefits.

WIDOPUR is particularly popular in schools, hospitals and other built-up areas due to it being solvent-free and odourless.

Meanwhile, WIDOCRYL boasts an incredibly fast curing time, allowing foot traffic in as little as two hours after application. 

Both systems also benefit from a low profile, with the comprehensive WIDOCRYL system that includes fully reinforced waterproofing, self-levelling layer, and ornamental topcoat measuring in at just 4-6mm in total thickness.

Discover our walkway waterproofing solutions for yourself…


• Solvent & odour free

• Trafficable in approx. 12 hours

• Rainproof after 30 mins

• Environmentally friendly

• Cold applied

• No heat required

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• Decorative topcoat

• Trafficable in approx. 1hr

• Rainproof after 30 mins

• Highly flexible

• Cold applied

• No heat required

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We know that navigating the various product brochures can be complicated.

So, if you’re unsure which product best meets your needs, get in touch for some friendly advice.

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