Sheet Membrane - WIDOPAN-FD Polyester Waterproofing System
Should I use a Liquid Waterproof Coating or a Sheet Membrane?

When it comes to sheet membranes vs liquid waterproofing, there are many reasons one may be more suitable than another. But, time after time, we find that WIDOPAN delivers superior results to traditional sheet membrane systems. In a previous blog, we delved into what Is Liquid Waterproofing, giving you an insight into its application and … Continue reading "Should I use a Liquid Waterproof Coating or a Sheet Membrane?"

Cool Roofs | Reduce The Urban Heat Island Effect | Widopan UK
How Cool Roofs Reduce The Urban Heat Island Effect

Today the construction industry faces more and more pressure to refresh its outdated systems and implement newer and greener alternatives. With the constant development and expansion of metropolitan areas, the “urban heat island effect” is a huge cause for concern. If you want to make sure your structure is helping to reduce local climate change … Continue reading "How Cool Roofs Reduce The Urban Heat Island Effect"

Waterproof resins - wet-applications-the-ultimate-test-of-waterproofing
Waterproof Resins – Wet Applications: The Ultimate Test Of Waterproofing

When most people think about waterproofing, they picture roofs, terraces and walkways. But liquid waterproofing has many more uses, not least of which is wet applications. The ultimate test of any waterproofing solution, wet areas are constantly submerged in water,  presenting many unique challenges. For any product to successfully maintain a wet area, it needs … Continue reading "Waterproof Resins – Wet Applications: The Ultimate Test Of Waterproofing"

Waterproofing a Walkway - WIDOCRYL-Topsiegel_Walkway_System_Build_Up
Waterproofing a Walkway with Widopan

Whether constructing an apartment block, office building or simply maintaining an existing structure, it’s incredibly important to choose the right product for walkway waterproofing. When done well, a waterproofed walkway offers a slip-resistant, durable path that protects the underlying structure from moisture ingress and damage. But, in contrast, a poorly waterproofed walkway can become a … Continue reading "Waterproofing a Walkway with Widopan"

Faulty waterproofing is one of the top causes of building defects in the UK today, leading to many insurance claims relating to building damage. While liquid
How Long Does Liquid Waterproofing Last?

Faulty waterproofing is one of the top causes of building defects in the UK today, leading to many insurance claims relating to building damage. While liquid waterproofing dramatically reduces the risk of water ingress, its life cycle will depend largely on the quality of the material used and the installers’ experience. In this article, we … Continue reading "How Long Does Liquid Waterproofing Last?"

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How to Protect Roof Membranes During Construction

Much to the frustration of those in the roofing industry, around 80% of failed roof membranes and leaks are caused by non-roofers. Whether from genuine accidents or avoidable carelessness, the biggest threat to the functionality of a watertight roof is human error. While liquid waterproofing is robust, there is still potential for damage, particularly during … Continue reading "How to Protect Roof Membranes During Construction"

Bespoke Widopan Products - Essex
Choosing The Best Liquid Waterproofing Products

When approaching any construction or renovation project, it’s essential to identify the right materials for the task at hand. WIDOPAN is the market leader in liquid waterproofing products, with a great range of resins suited for various applications. If you’re wondering which liquid waterproofing system best suits your project, you’re in the right place. Read … Continue reading "Choosing The Best Liquid Waterproofing Products"

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Why Overcoat a Flat Roof?

As a roofing contractor, you know all too well that some roofs simply can’t be saved. Occasionally you’ll be asked to quote for a flat roof repair and can immediately see that the problem runs deeper. In this case, there is usually only one choice, to rip the entire roof out and rebuild it from … Continue reading "Why Overcoat a Flat Roof?"

Commercial Asbestos Encapsulation | Widopan UK
Commercial Asbestos Encapsulation

Commercial Asbestos Encapsulation… You will find asbestos in a large proportion of commercial UK buildings. Once a staple product used in the construction industry, it’s now to be avoided at all costs. But if you’re considering buying a commercial building with asbestos present or suspect your structure contains asbestos, the solution may be simpler than … Continue reading "Commercial Asbestos Encapsulation"