Can Liquid Waterproofing Be Used On Listed Buildings?

Since many historic and listed buildings lack up-to-date systems of waterproofing, they are frequently vulnerable to the harmful effects of water ingress. But how can you get the desired protection while maintaining structural and aesthetic integrity? Liquid waterproofing systems use the latest technology to ensure that any area treated remains waterproof, protecting and maintaining the … Continue reading "Can Liquid Waterproofing Be Used On Listed Buildings?"

Continual Personal Development - WIDOPAN CPD Seminars

Cold applied liquid waterproofing systems are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the roofing industry, but this process might be new for your company. Does your company want to branch out and provide these services in the future but aren’t too sure where to start?   WIDOPAN are here to provide some key assistance on … Continue reading "WIDOPAN CPD Seminars"

Widocryl-Point Fix, No Need For Mechanical Roof Fixings

Solar panels are becoming a common sight on the tops of buildings in cities and towns all over the country. Implementing this type of technology can be a great way of generating electricity. Solar systems keep your building running costs down and reduce your carbon footprint. However, when fastening solar panel modules and rails, drilled … Continue reading "Widocryl-Point Fix, No Need For Mechanical Roof Fixings"

Lightweight Screeds And The Importance Of Creating Falls For Drainage

When working with flat roofs they can be, to put it bluntly, sometimes, too flat but lightweight screed can be the perfect solution. What Are Drainage Falls, And Why Are They So Important? At WIDOPAN, when we talk about falls, we refer to a variable thickness on the roof’s surface. Falls allow water to channel … Continue reading "Lightweight Screeds And The Importance Of Creating Falls For Drainage"