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The difficulty in the successful waterproofing of flat roofs and podiums lies in the weak spots on the structure, such as seams in the waterproofing membrane, and difficult to waterproof details such as upstands, outlets and penetrations.
Problems can also occur when the waterproofing cannot accommodate fractional movement, which can result in splits and cracks, allowing water ingress. 
WIDOPAN manufacture a range of cold applied liquid waterproofing systems suitable for all types of flat roof, podium decks, details and repairs. 
With over 50 years of experience developing Polyester, PMMA and PU based resins, our products are at the forefront of waterproofing technology and are characterized by rapid curing times, low temperature application and high flexibility.
Once applied, our systems create a seamless, fully bonded membrane that is permanently elastic and fully reinforced.
Suitable for new builds, roof overlays, refurbishment and repairs, WIDOPAN waterproofing systems provide the perfect solution for your project. 
The advanced technology of our products means they can be applied to virtually any substrate – eliminating the cost and disruption associated with the removal of existing membranes and coatings.
Roof and Podiums: Safe Working Solutions – The safety and security of a building and its occupants is extremely important when any type of works or maintenance are taking place. 
Traditional waterproofing materials are often hot applied – utilising gas torches, burners and hot air guns.
These installation techniques pose a significant fire risk, and the health & safety concerns mean increased costs with insurance premiums and required permits. 
Also, the use of materials that contain solvents and emit strong odours can cause problems. 
Especially in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals, food processing facilities and anywhere works are in the vicinity of fresh air intakes.
WIDOPAN products and systems are all cold applied – eliminating the risks and costs associated with installations involving hot works. 
Our continuous work and development in waterproofing technologies has resulted in a range of solvent & odour free products – providing solutions for sensitive environments and removing the need for additional ventilation.
Roof and Podiums: Zero Falls Approved Flat roofs are often subjected to standing water, or ponding, especially during or following heavy rainfall. 
This can be more problematic on a roof with Zero Falls (falls of less than 1:80) and can lead to an increased risk of deflection and water penetration.
WIDOPAN waterproofing products are fully certified for zero falls applications. 
Our systems can accept continual ponding on the roof without compromise to the waterproofing membrane.
This approval, alongside our other system benefits such as flamefree application, low temperature application and rapid curing, provides distinct advantages to installers and clients and ensures long-term waterproofing success for your roof. 
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WIDOPAN have systems and solutions suitable for the following roof types;
• Warm Roofs
• Inverted Roofs
• Cold Roofs
• Podium Decks
• Plaza Decks
• Existing Overlays
• Metal Roofs
• Roof Repairs
• Green, Brown & Blue Roofs