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Applications: Offshore Platforms and Rigs

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Applications - Offshore platforms & Rigs
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Offshore Platforms and Rigs

Offshore Platforms and Rigs Issues

Due to their exposed locations, Offshore Platforms & Rigs are continuously subject to extreme weather conditions. The traditional steel construction of the roofs, platforms, walkways and stairs can corrode and begin to fail much quicker when exposed to the harsh elements.

Water ingress into the internal areas can cause massive disruption to operations onboard the rig with large amounts of electronic equipment at risk of damage. Walkways and stairs can become unsafe due to increased slip risk when surfaces are worn by the elements.

WIDOPAN solutions can help with the  following on Offshore Platforms & Rigs

  • Water Ingress 
  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Steel Construction Areas
  • Platforms, Walkways & Stairs
  • New Waterproof Seals Over Existing Metal
  • Roofs & Platforms
  • Cold-applied & Safe
  • Ability to Encapsulate & Seal Existing Surfaces with Minimal Preparation

Off Shore Waterproofing Systems

Safe Working Solutions

To replace the damaged roofs and platforms is a costly and disruptive procedure. The rig would need to be brought into port for the works to be undertaken, all the plant and machinery removed from damaged areas as well as any internal equipment that will be exposed and a new steel roof/platform hoisted and welded into place. The operational downtime and required manpower often make this an unfeasible option.

WIDOPAN can provide the perfect solution to all these problems. Our cold-applied liquid systems can be used to provide a new waterproof seal over the existing metal roofs and platforms extending their service life and providing protection from the extreme elements. 

Safely Rolling Widocryl-PM Ten Off Shore - Widopan Applications


Simple Application Methods

Due to the simple application methods of the WIDOPAN system coupled with the ability to encapsulate and seal existing surfaces with minimal preparation, all works can be undertaken whilst the rig is offshore and operational greatly reducing costs and disruption. The flexible nature of the waterproofing system means complex detailing such as pipe ducts, penetrations, handrails and plant can be incorporated with ease.

WIDOPAN can also provide slip-resistant coatings for platforms, walkways and stairs ensuring these areas remain safe and usable. A multitude of colour options are available, so trafficable areas can be easily identified, and trip hazards highlighted.

Off Shore - Widopan Applications

WIDOPAN Applications

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