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The London Olympics Athletes’ Village 2012

We always enjoy sharing case studies from projects completed using WIDOPAN’s products and systems. While not all make it to our website, here’s one that makes us particularly proud.

The Olympic Athletes’ Village

In the lead-up to the 2012 Olympics in London, the country was buzzing with anticipation.

People from all industries around the UK were preparing for the influx of athletes and spectators expected at The Games. WIDOPAN would also play an important role.

The London 2012 Athletes’ Village was set to be home to 17,000 athletes during the events and would play a large part in how our country represented itself to guests.

Lend Lease Project Management & Construction were enlisted to build the Village and chose to involve WIDOPAN due to our superior quality waterproofing products.

The WIDOPAN-approved contractors who would carry out the work were Noble House Services (UK) Ltd. They opted to use WIDOPAN-FD in a grey finish, the ideal product for a project with obvious time restrictions and demands.

With rapid curing times, WIDOPAN-FD is shower-proof after just 30 minutes, and waterproofed areas trafficable two hours after application.


Stratford, East London

July, 2012.

Flat Roof, New Build,

The East Village

After the conclusion of the games, the Athletes’ Village was adapted to create a new residential quarter, East Village.

The adaptation and new construction created over 2,000 new dwellings, including 1300 affordable homes for sale and rent. Temporary partitions installed during the games were removed, making a range of one to five-bed homes, including apartments and townhouses.

Developers again selected WIDOPAN products to accomplish the various changes to the building. Various alterations to the original structure gave rise to a need for new waterproof seals on a number of the new apartment blocks.

The finished result using WIDOPAN-FD in grey gives a striking image, especially when viewed from above. The renovation work undertaken provides a secure and durable waterproof seal for buildings set to house thousands of new people.

In addition to the alteration of the buildings, the developers created new parklands and much-needed extra transport links.

A health centre for residents of East Village and the surrounding areas has also been provided. A very successful project that WIDOPAN was very proud to be a part of.

If you’re embarking on an exciting architectural project or are in need of a cold applied liquid waterproofing system, consider WIDOPAN.

Our products are ideal for city construction; contact a member of our team now to discuss how we can help.