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 Product: WIDOPAN-FD Polyester Waterproofing System



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WIDOPAN-FD Polyester Waterproofing System

WIDOPAN-FD is a 3 component, Polyester waterproofing system based resin.

Cold applied using a roller or brush, WIDOPAN-FD is suitable for a multitude of application areas including balconies, roof & podiums.

WIDOPAN-FD is the perfect solution for both new construction and refurbishment projects, and with application possible at deck temperatures down to -5˚c works can continue through the winter months.

With rapid curing times, WIDOPAN-FD is shower-proof after just 30 minutes and waterproofed areas are trafficable 2 hours after application.

Reinforced with an encapsulation of polyester fleece, the WIDOPAN-FD membrane is both strong and flexible, resistant to root growth and is vapour permeable.

Key Benefits

  • Easy application
  • Application possible down to -5˚c
  • Fully bonded, monolithic system
  • Highly flexible
  • Rapid curing times
  • Fully reinforced system
  • Self-terminating
  • Root resistant
  • Cold applied – No heat required
  • BBA & EOTA certified
  • Broof (T4) Fire rated

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Product Information


WIDOPAN-FD is a liquid waterproofing system which has been developed especially for the demands of flat roofs with problematic details. Only if all attachments and junctions are treated correctly, the work will result in a durable sealed surface.

The material basis of WIDOPAN-FD is unsaturated polyester elastomer. Depending on the load, either G 165 or G 225 polyester fleece is encapsulated as reinforcement. The reinforcement determines the breaking strength and elongation at break and provides for even layer thickness. The overlap of reinforcement layers must be 5 cm. The overlap to other materials is to be determined separately, but should not be less than 10 cm. This results in a homogeneous and crack-filling seal.

WIDOPAN-FD may be used on all kinds of flat roofs, on sloping roofs including even vertical surfaces, and on complex roof shapes such as cupolas and barrelshaped roofs. But WIDOPAN-FD is used especially for junctions and roof openings such as ventilation and pipe openings, supports and structures, lighting domes and chimneys, balcony doors and windows, and for all attachments which are very costly to seal by conventional sealing methods or else cannot be sealed at all. With the correct primers, WIDOPAN-FD adheres to almost any surface and the attachments are made permanently waterproof. Combination with most bitumen and plastic roof sealing membranes is also excellent.

WIDOPAN-FD is UV stable and therefore resistant to ageing. It is resistant to roots in conformance with DIN EN 13948 (FLL guidelines). In addition, WIDOPAN-FD is resistant to burning brands and supplementary radiant heat according to DIN EN 1187 Broof (t1) and (t4), it is fireproof as defined by British Standard BS 476, Part 3, 2004.

Further details can be found in the safety data sheet.


Unsaturated polyester elastomer, liquid


Polyester fleece G 165 / G 225


Approx. 2,7 kg/m²

Curing with hardener and accelerator (at + 20,0° C)

Rainproof after 15 minutes. Walkable after 30 minutes.

Water vapour diffusion resistance (μ)

Approx. 4,725

Flammable substances class E

Resistant to burning brands and radiant Heat according to DIN EN 1187 Broof (t1) + (t4)

Basic Colours

grey / anthracite

Packaging unit

20.00 kg

Minimum working temperature


Temperature resistance

-20°C to +80°C

Cleaning in fresh state



If container is kept closed and storage temperature held constantly below +25°C, the product may be used for up to 12 months.

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