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County Hall London

Situated on the South Bank of the River Thames, with Westminster Bridge at its side, sits County Hall.

Surrounded by such historic venues, this was a perfect location to showcase a wide range of WIDOPAN products.

Waterproofing County Hall

With the original construction of County Hall starting in 1911, the building was opened by King George V in 1922.

The North and South blocks were then later added between 1936 and 1939.

This iconic Grade II listed building was the headquarters for the local government of London for 64 years until the 1980s.

Today, the building houses several top London tourist attractions, including two hotels.

As with many buildings of this age, the integrity of the waterproof seal had become a concern.

When repair works were needed for the various roof structures, the client knew that WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing products were needed for the job.

This project required the waterproofing of many complex and difficult-to-access areas, with different requirements depending on the area.

The work would be carried out for our client, Capital Stone Renovation Limited, between 2014 and 2018.

Many different WIDOPAN products would be called upon and used by various approved contractors over the course of this prestigious renovation project.


County Hall London

September, 2022.

Flat Roof, Restoration

The Best Choice For Detailed Jobs

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing cold-applied, liquid waterproofing systems, WIDOPAN products proved to be the perfect selection.

Original asphalt covering the dormer roofs had badly cracked. WIDOPAN-F Flexible Mastic Seal was used to repair the cracks and fill in the gaps.

A coat of WIDOPAN-Universal Primer with kiln-dried sand was then applied, followed by the waterproofing membrane of WIDOPAN-FD in anthracite colour.

The whole area was reinforced with 165G Polyester Fleece, the second heaviest of the three weights we supply.

In other areas, including the central island roof, the asphalt had also begun to deteriorate and crack.

The waterproof integrity was achieved by overlaying, using WIDOPAN-FD in grey colour, again encapsulating 165G Polyester Fleece as a reinforcement.

The finished installation gives the building a new lease of life.

But it also provides a long-lasting, durable waterproof seal that will protect this prestigious building for years to come.

With more commercial projects in the works, WIDOPAN products are ideal for city construction.

Waterproofing County Hall