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 Product: WIDOSEAL-LF 1K Single Component Solvent-Free Waterproofing



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WIDOSEAL-LF 1K is a single component, solvent-free waterproofing resin, suitable for various application areas including complex detailing and connections.

The material basis of the WIDOSEAL-LF 1K is a silane modified polyether.
Being a single component product, WIDOSEAL-LF 1K can be applied straight from the tub, without the need of any hardeners or accelerators.

Cold-applied and solvent-free, the use of WIDOSEAL-LF 1K avoids the risks associated with hot works and is suitable for application in areas where solvents pose a problem, such as schools and hospitals.
WIDOSEAL-LF 1K is applied by brush or roller and will adhere to practically all substrates, and in most cases without the need of a prime-coat.

The WIDOSEAL-LF 1K solvent-free waterproofing system incorporates our industry leading polyester fleece, resulting in a highly flexible, fully reinforced system.


“WIDOSEAL-LF 1K can be applied straight from the tub without the need of any hardeners or accelerators”

Key Benefits

  • Single Component – ready to use straight from the tin
  • Solvent-free resin
  • Suitable for schools, hospitals and nursing homes
  • Often no primer required for certain substrates
  • Flexible, fully reinforced system
  • Cold applied – No heat required
  • UV stable

Data Sheets

Product Information

Product Information

WIDOSEAL-LF 1K Single Component Solvent-Free Waterproofing 

WIDOSEAL-LF 1K is a solvent free, one component liquid waterproofing for flameless application on details, structural waterproofing and special applications. Possible applica-tions are connections, roof components such as vans, pipe penetrations, mounts or wall connections on balconies.  
The material has been tested in accordance with the test principles for liquid plasticsfor waterproofing buildings (PG-FLK)  

The material basis of WIDOSEAL-LF 1K is an SMP. Poly-ester fleece G120 is used as reinforcement.The reinforce-ment determines the breaking strength and elongation at break and ensures an even layer thickness. The overlap of reinforcement layers must be at least 5 cm. The overlap to other materials is to be determined for each case sepa-rately, but should not be less than 10 cm. This results in a homogeneous and crack-filling seal.  

Surface preparation 

WIDOSEAL-LF 1K adheres without priming to many sur-faces which are dry (max. 5% dampness), free from grease/oil, loose parts and other materials which may lower the adhesion. Surfaces which need to be primed can be found in our references for priming. You may also seek  advice from our application engineers.


There is a foil on the material within the bucket which has to be removed before using the material. Then, the material needs to be stirred thoroughly with a slowly rotating  agitator. Then, 2/3 of the waterproofing material is applied onto the prepared surface with a paint roller. Then, the  Polyester fleece is embedded into the material and the re-maining 1/3 of material is applied onto the fleece using the paint roller.Once the container has been opened, the  material should be used up swiftly. Should the material form a thin firm layer, this can easily be removed and the remaining material may be used up. 

Additional coatings may be applied within 24 hours without any further preparation. After 24 hours, the surface needs to be roughened before a further layer may be applied.  Alternatively, areas which may need additional coatings, may be sprinkled with quartz sand while first layer is still wet. 
Further details, especially regarding hazard statements, se-curity advices and measures in the event of fire can be found in the safety data sheet under sections 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.  




Polyester fleece G120 

Consumption (2,1 mm layer thickness) 

approx. 2,8 kg/m²  

Curing time (at. +20°C/50% humidity)

approx. 24h  
Rainproof after approx. 45 min.  

Fire Classification E according to DIN-EN 13501-1

Basic colour 

Grey / White 

Packaging units 

7,00 kg  

Minimum working temperature

+5 °C

Temperature resistance 

- 20°C to + 80°C

Cleaning in fresh condition 



If container is kept closed and storage temperature held constantly below + 25°C the product may be used for up to 6 months. 


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