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 Product: WIDOPAN-F Flexible Mastic Seal



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WIDOPAN-F Flexible Mastic Seal

WIDOPAN-F Flexible Mastic Seal is the perfect solution for the sealing of difficult and inaccessible details.

Consisting of a single component, MS polymer, WIDOPAN-F is silicone-free, solvent-free and odourless. WIDOPAN-F has good UV resistance, excellent weather resistance, very low shrinkage and offers a wide range of adhesion.

Once applied, it is permanently soft and flexible and has a temperature resistance of – 40 °C to + 90 °C.

Applied with a sealant applicator gun, WIDOPAN-F will seal gaps and cracks on virtually any substrate, without the need of additional reinforcement fleece.

WIDOPAN-F is fully compatible with all WIDOPAN resins.

“WIDOPAN-F mastic remains flexible, even at low temperatures”

Key Benefits

  • Reliable sealing for cracks, gaps and inaccessible areas
  • Adheres to virtually any substrate
  • No additional reinforcement needed
  • Flexible even at low temperatures
  • Lightweight & UV stable
  • Can be applied in wet conditions
  • Cold applied – No heat required

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Product Information

WIDOPAN-F Flexible Mastic Seal

WIDOPAN-F is a single component MS polymer for repairing difficult and hard-to-reach roof details. It can also be used as a sealant and for bonding (e.g. metal plate coverings). WIDOPAN-F is silicone-free, solvent-free and odourless.

The material is highly adhesive to a large range of surfaces such as copper, stainless steel and powder coated material.

WIDOPAN-F is UV stable, weather resistant, has a very low shrinkage. After curing it is solid soft elastic from -40°C to +90°C. The Material has a one-componentbasis, making it particularly economical to process.

WIDOPAN-F adheres to almost any surface and the connections are permanently waterproof. Excep-tions are substrates made of silicone and teflon. The sur-face to be primed must be dry, free from dust, grease or oil, and with good adhesion and load-bearing properties.

In case of stainless steel, copper, zinc und powder-coated metals the surface should be cleaned with WIDOPAN-Cleaner MEK and roughened with abra-sive paper P40.

WIDOPAN-F is used as a sealant for the formation of joints. In addition, for repairs to all connections and penetrations on roofs and similar components.

In case of a joint formation a foam cord should be used as backfilling material.

The tools can be cleaned with WIDOPAN-Cleaner.

Further details can be found in the safety data sheet.


MS polymer

Curing (at + 20,0 °C)

Rainproof after approx. 60 min.


Dark grey

Packaging unit

850g tubular bag

Working temperature

+5 °C bis +40 °C

Cleaning in fresh condition



Cool, dry and frost-free. If stored in the original
container unopened WIDOPAN-F may be used
up to 12 months.

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