Can Liquid Waterproofing Be Used On Listed Buildings?


Since many historic and listed buildings lack up-to-date systems of waterproofing, they are frequently vulnerable to the harmful effects of water ingress.

But how can you get the desired protection while maintaining structural and aesthetic integrity?

Liquid waterproofing systems use the latest technology to ensure that any area treated remains waterproof, protecting and maintaining the structure from damage.

You may associate liquid waterproofing with modern office buildings or new construction projects. But could this technology be used on older structures like listed buildings, with the same positive outcome?

In a word…..yes.

The Benefits of Using Widopan Products On Older Buildings

As part of the original design, many listed buildings still have older materials in use.

On many occasions, WIDOPAN is determined the product of choice when the need for newer materials or systems is required. 

WIDOPAN provides pre-formed lead roll profiles in various sizes to replicate lead roll roofs or even carry out sectional repairs to existing lead roofs where the original profiles have perished.

Once cured, the product coating can mimic the original aged lead waterproofing when overlaying existing failed lead roll roofs.

However, as an added benefit, the WIDOPAN extreme adhesion & tensile strength makes theft of the original lead covering almost impossible. 

As our products are cold applied, the fire risk is completely negated.

This allows fully approved installers to use our newer products side by side, safely with the older styles, more commonly used on listed buildings. 

An Example Of Waterproof Application To A Listed Building

WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing has been used on listed buildings and places of worship throughout Europe for over 30 years.

Our products are used on many prestigious UK buildings, including Grade II listed County Hall in London. 

Constructed in 1911, County Hall is a famous London landmark situated on the South Bank of the River Thames.

As you can imagine, undertaking a project as unique as this one comes with difficulties.

Using our products to waterproof this magnificent building whilst retaining the period’s original design was a fantastic achievement. 

If you’re investigating ways to waterproof a historic or listed building, contact one of our team today.

We’ll discuss how the right product can help maintain and protect the unique features of your building.

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