Choosing The Best Liquid Waterproofing Products


When approaching any construction or renovation project, it’s essential to identify the right materials for the task at hand.

WIDOPAN is the market leader in liquid waterproofing products, with a great range of resins suited for various applications. 

If you’re wondering which liquid waterproofing system best suits your project, you’re in the right place.

Read on to learn the highlights of three of our most-used cold-applied liquid waterproofing products.

Choosing The Best Liquid Waterproofing Products…

WIDOPAN-FD is without doubt our most popular waterproofing system

WIDOPAN-FD is by far the most well-known of our products and is the type most used on roofing projects throughout London and beyond.

A cost-effective solution to waterproofing flat roofs, walkways and terraces, you can apply WIDOPAN-FD in various settings. 

A three-component, polyester resin-based waterproofing system, WIDOPAN-FD is cold applied and self-terminating, applied with a brush or roller over polyester fleece.

The resulting roof coating is strong, flexible, resistant to root growth, and vapour permeable.

WIDOPAN-FD can be installed at temperatures as low as -5℃, meaning construction projects can continue into the winter months.

With a rapid curing time, treated areas are showerproof in 30 minutes and trafficable in just two hours. 

WIDOCRYL-PM TEN: For Fast, Flexible Application

With the same features of our WIDOPAN-FD system, WIDOCRYL-PM TEN takes liquid waterproofing to the next level.

A premium, two-component Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) based resin, this is the perfect waterproofing solution for those notoriously difficult areas.

So, detailing, penetrations, joints and projections have met their match.

Cold applied using either a brush or roller, WIDOCRYL-PM TEN can adhere to the widest range of substrates, often without applying a prime coat. 

Ideal for overlaying failing single-ply sheet membrane or for asbestos encapsulation, PM TEN is the gold standard of waterproofing systems. 

Applied in temperatures as low as -5˚C and showerproof in just 15 minutes, WIDOCRYL is ideal for the most challenging projects.

WIDOPUR-LF 2K: Solvent & Odour Free Liquid Waterproofing

Retaining all the benefits of the WIDOPAN-FD and WIDOCRYL-PM TEN systems, WIDOPUR-LF 2K is a two-component PU waterproofing resin that is solvent and odour free. 

WIDOPUR-LF 2K is an essential waterproofing product for hospitals, schools, or applications near air intake systems. 

Cold applied using a brush or roller, the monolithic system adheres to most substrates, often without the need for primer. 

Environmentally friendly and rainproof after just 30 minutes, WIDOPUR’s solvent and odour free formula is the preferred choice of many project managers.

We are always here to help choosing the best liquid waterproofing products and encourage customers to get in touch to speak with a member of our team before making your final decision of which resins to use.

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