Environmental Protection: Widopan and Sustainability


As a corporate entity in modern times, Widopan values the importance of a sustainable approach to environmental protection.

With that in mind, we’d like to share how we take steps to protect the environment and how our policies reflect our stance.

The Widopan Approach To Environmental Protection  

When we develop and manufacture our products, we endeavour to take a holistic approach.

And, while we strive to create the perfect product, we also keep in mind the impacts of our development process.  

At Widopan, we aim to balance effective environmental protection with quality products, satisfied customers and staff, and of course, profitability. 

Here are a few ways we aim to champion protecting the environment in our processes.

  • Optimising how we use water, energy and raw materials.
  • Complying with environmental laws and regulations on local and national levels.
  • Preventing environmental pollution caused by wastewater, soil contamination, emissions or waste.
  • Continuously seek to improve our standards for environmental protection and site safety.
  • Teaching personal responsibility when onboarding our employees and through our accreditation training. 
  • Advising customers about any relevant environmental factors.
  • Promoting positive relationships by adopting a position of openness and transparency with the public. 

To achieve these goals, we stay on top of changes in environmental laws and statutory regulations.

We continue to look for ways to work holistically within our environment, such as our expansion into green roof projects. 

Our Corporate Responsibility

We take responsibility for the environment as well as our people as a firm, providing healthy growth and safe working conditions. 

As a result, we are accountable for ensuring that safety, health, and environmental protection continue to improve. We do so with measurable results.

Our certification issued by the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA) and the British Board of Agrément (BBA) demonstrates our ongoing commitment to industry standards.

Who is the EOTA?

“The European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) is a Europe-wide association of Technical Assessment Bodies for construction products established under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).”

The EOTA provides technical assessment of construction products, ensuring they meet a consistent level of performance. It is the only route for European manufacturers of innovative construction products to receive the CE marking on their products.

CE:  Conformity to high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

Who is the BBA?

The British Board of Agrément issues various certificates for construction products.  

“The BBA Agrément Certificate is a mark of excellence based on rigorous national and European standards that validate a construction product’s specialist formulation, capability and uniqueness.”

You can read more about our certification here

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