How To Avoid Leaky Gutters


Gutters are designed to keep your building safe from leaks, but unfortunately, they can become blocked and damaged with time.

Despite being a high-risk region for causing water damage, many building owners overlook their gutters – the adage “out of sight, out of mind” comes to mind. In fact, many gutter systems are wholly forgotten until something goes awry and the need arises to repair or replace them.

Instead of waiting for the inevitable, you can prevent costly water damage and repairs by keeping on top of gutter maintenance.

Better yet, protect your system with Widopan, and give your building added protection against leaky gutters.

Why are gutters vital to a building?

The gutter system channels rain, sleet and melting snow away from your building, protecting its foundations and the surrounding area from erosion and water damage.

If damaged, this water cannot be removed efficiently, meaning your roof is more prone to leaks and your lower levels are at risk of water ingress.

Left untreated, a leaky gutter can lead to mould, corrosion and a whole host of other costly issues.

So, wherever possible, consider the most effective gutters for the project at hand and choose a trustworthy provider to install them in your building.

Gutters in good working order are your first line of defence in the prevention of future building issues.

What is the risk to gutters?

When most people think about ineffective gutters, they think of channels clogged with leaves and slow-running water.

The gradual build-up of leaves and debris is a common problem with gutters, but it’s also the easiest to fix. If you notice standing water in your gutters, enlisting a professional to clear them is no major inconvenience.

However, other issues are more serious and can cause significant damage to your roof drainage system.

Gutters that are either broken or improperly installed are a much larger issue. Realignment or repairs can be a costly problem to rectify. As sagging gutters or those even slightly out of alignment can prevent the proper drainage of water, you should deal with these issues promptly.

Further, if you notice damage to a gutter, through corrosion or environmental factors, you should also seek immediate advice.

How Widopan can save your gutters

Widopan is a cold-applied liquid waterproofing system that not only extends the life of gutters but also makes them leak-proof. 

Ideal for detailing, you can apply Widopan in the tightest corners using a brush, roller or spray. 

Widopan adheres to practically all materials and creates a seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane, ensuring no weak points at the detail connections.

Our flexible, self-terminating products combined with the reinforcement of our polyester fleece offer long-lasting and robust protection against leaky gutters.

Don’t wait another winter; protect your gutters today

Gutters represent a high-risk area for leaks. Water damage can be costly if you use the wrong material or install it incorrectly. 

So, if you’re concerned about water damage to your building or business, Widopan is an excellent option.

Explore our gutter-friendly products or contact a member of the team.


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