Is Liquid Waterproofing Expensive?


When undertaking a large construction or renovation project, the cost is undoubtedly a factor.

So, despite liquid waterproofing offering a superior quality finish, the bottom line often comes down to how it compares on price against the alternatives BUT is liquid waterproofing expensive?

Here’s what you need to know.

Hidden Costs Of Waterproofing

The first factor to consider when comparing waterproofing solutions is how the hidden costs stack up against one another.

The majority of systems require a fairly bare surface in order to work effectively.

So, not only are there the costs of installing a new system but there are also the costs of removing and disposing of what was there previously. 

Thanks to a combination of its structure and its application, liquid waterproofing can be laid over many existing systems, reducing time and costs of labour. 

Liquid Waterproofing Safety Costs

Another key consideration in answering the question – is liquid waterproofing expensive? – is the health and safety implications of cold-applied liquid waterproofing compared to “hot works” products. 

Hot applied waterproofing systems create a hazardous environment for both building contractors and passers by, with liquid temperatures reaching up to 300℃ and taking as long as 24 hours to dry to 20℃.

These dangers come with the need for high adherence to Health and Safety practices, particularly near pedestrian areas or busy sites. 

Unlike traditional waterproofing options, WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing is cold-applied and dries in as little as two hours, so you can get back to business in a fraction of the time. 

Long-Term Costs Of Waterproofing 

Another important thing to note in calculating the price of liquid waterproofing is the life expectancy of the product you use. 

While the cost of cheaper waterproofing material, such as felt, is much lower, it may only last for ten years before it needs to be stripped, disposed of and replaced. 

Now consider WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing, which has a life expectancy of 35 years, and you can soon see that the differences in cost require you to look at much more than just the cost of materials. 

So, is liquid waterproofing expensive?

In summary, while the cheap waterproofing systems may seem like better value in the short term, their hidden costs soon tip the scales in favour of cold-applied liquid waterproofing. 

Not when you consider that WIDOPAN offers quicker, safer and more versatile application on a range of surfaces and lasts up to three times longer than alternatives. 

Learn more about the Advantages Of Cold Applied Liquid Waterproofing or get in touch to discuss your needs with a member of our team. 

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