Lightweight Screeds And The Importance Of Creating Falls For Drainage


When working with flat roofs they can be, to put it bluntly, sometimes, too flat but lightweight screed can be the perfect solution.

What Are Drainage Falls, And Why Are They So Important?

At WIDOPAN, when we talk about falls, we refer to a variable thickness on the roof’s surface.

Falls allow water to channel to the targeted areas, where it can safely be removed.

This is essential for maintaining the health of the roof and preventing water ingress. 

When waterproofing flat roofs, balconies or terraces, there are often insufficient falls to provide drainage.

This can result in ponding water, which can raise the risk of water infiltration and harm to the structure of the building. 

A layer of cement screed laid to the falls is a common solution to this problem.

This creates a direct route for any rainwater to move towards a rainwater outlet, downpipes or guttering systems, hoppers, etc.

But weight becomes a factor as modern roof structures increasingly include terraces and roof gardens in addition to water-retentive green, brown, and blue roof systems.

The additional weight this screed layer adds can be problematic from a structural standpoint.

In these situations, WIDOPAN has the perfect solution…


At WIDOPAN, we offer an excellent solution for creating falls for drainage, WIDOPERL

This fantastic and multi-functional product is perfect for the job, whether a roof requires a lightweight material or not.

Use WIPOPERL as a levelling and filling compound for areas with an uneven surface or where gradient filler is also needed. 

One of the reasons we love our lightweight polymer screed is the rapid curing time.

Due to its cold application and short curing time, you can walk on the new surface on the same day.

Our product is perfect for bridging levels as it fades out to nothing, allowing a seamless blend between substrates.

WIDOPERL is lightweight screed and is five times lighter than conventional cement screed and is perfect for use on flat roofs, balconies, and terraces.

Aside from its lightweight benefits, it’s also thermally insulating and reduces impact noise, making it the ideal material for any flat roof.

Discover more information on how WIDOPERL can be used for difficult projects you’re tackling. Contact a member of our team and discuss how WIDOPERL can help.

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