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Green roofs: A wise investment for more than just the eco-conscious

Date Published: March 17, 2022


There’s no question that green roofs are an excellent investment in terms of ecology, but don’t be fooled into thinking there are no commercial benefits. 

There are many financial perks to green roofs – both long and short term. 

If you’re considering installing a green roof on your building, here are some additional benefits to keep in mind. 

Lower Running Costs

Green roofs can be as deep as 150mm, providing a valuable layer of additional insulation for your building.

In turn, you’ll benefit from reduced heating and cooling costs.

With energy prices at an all-time high, that’s quite the investment!  

Reduced Construction Costs

A green roof can reduce your construction costs, whether constructing a building from the ground up or renovating one past its prime. 


The application of Widopan waterproofing removes the requirement for screed, eliminating this material cost and significantly reducing the overall weight. 

Green roofs are also fantastic for water absorption. 

This means fewer rainwater outlets, a reduced drainage system and less need for storm-water attenuation. 

It’s clear why they say that green roofs are said to pay for themselves. 

Better Life Expectancy

Another benefit of green roofs you may not have considered is the extended life expectancy of your roof.

Yes, waterproofing actually lasts longer when combined with soft landscaping.

When your liquid waterproof membrane is covered by green roof landscaping, it protects it from the elements and accidental damage.

This increases the life expectancy of your waterproofing system and thus reduces maintenance costs. 

Easier Planning Permission

Planning permission. The bain of architects across the country. 

Whether in a built-up city area or a rural location, designing a property that is granted planning permission can be a difficult task. 

Adding a green roof to your proposal may actually increase your chances of securing planning permission for your next project.

Many local authorities are focusing on sustainable development and more green space.

By incorporating a green roof within your application, you replace the land lost to the building’s footprint.

Not to mention, you’re providing a natural habitat for local wildlife. 

So, next time you’re designing a project, consider a green roof. 

It might just increase your likelihood of getting the green light. 

Higher Property Value

A green roof is an attractive selling point for potential buyers, raising the market value of your property.

There is, of course, the aesthetic appeal of a greenery-topped building, but the lower running costs also attract savvy investors.

There are also intangible benefits of a green roof that help increase its property value. 

Green roofs can be designed for leisure, whether for residents in an apartment or employees in an office.

This unique selling point puts buildings with green roofs ahead of other properties on the market.

You can maximise the potential of your green roof by incorporating facilities such as decking, a seating area, even rooftop exercise equipment!

When it comes to the design of your green roof, it pays to think outside the box. 

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