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What Is Liquid Waterproofing?

What Is Liquid Waterproofing?

As an architect, project manager or decision-maker, it’s beneficial to understand the properties of liquid waterproofing systems and how you might use them on your next project. 

But with so much technical jargon used in the industry, the core information is often hard to decipher. In this article, we’ll be answering some common questions…

What Does Liquid Waterproofing Mean?

You already understand the premise of a waterproofing system; after all, the name speaks for itself, but other than it being a liquid application of waterproofing protection, what does liquid waterproofing involve? 

And why use it over traditional methods?

This form of waterproofing has quickly become a popular method of protecting buildings against water-induced corrosion of metals, the decaying of wood, blistering of paints, and other forms of damage. 

Its ability to penetrate difficult-to-reach and irregularly shaped structures and efficiently coat objects with complicated, detailed shapes has broadened the range of applications for preventing water exposure.

Application – What’s involved?

Although the process differs for hot and cold liquid waterproofing, the cold system offers superior safety and efficacy, with less downtime. 

WIDOPAN-FD is our best-selling cold fluid waterproofing system and can be installed or applied with a roller or brush onto surfaces at a range of temperatures.

Unlike other waterproofing systems, WIDOPAN-FD doesn’t require a complex surface area preparation before application. 

Instead, general cleaning is usually enough to apply liquid waterproofing, even over previously coated services.  

Showerproof in as little as 30 minutes and trafficable just 2 hours after application, its stable temperature at the time of application allows for a much quicker cure time. 

And, with application possible at temperatures as low as -5˚C, it enables construction to continue through the winter months, making it the ideal choice for both renovation projects and new construction alike.

Working in tandem with our cold liquid waterproofing solution, the WIDOPAN-FD membrane offers strength and flexibility with its reinforced polyester fleece. 

Permeable to vapour yet resistant to root growth and tears, it creates a waterproof barrier that prolongs the life of your metal or wooden structure. 

What Is Liquid Waterproofing Best For?

While the applications of waterproofing are endless, the projects which see the most benefit are roofing (including green roofs), balconies, terraces and walkways. 

By investing in WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing, areas exposed to potential water damage are protected and require less maintenance than traditional felt systems.

In summary, the key benefits of liquid waterproofing are:

  • Easy application using a roller, brush or sprayer
  • A smooth, seamless coating without weak points
  • Can be applied on hot or cold surfaces
  • Easy to maintain
  • Application possible down to -5˚c
  • Fully bonded, monolithic system
  • Highly flexible
  • Rapid curing times
  • Fully reinforced system
  • Self-terminating
  • Root resistant
  • Available in solvent & odour free formulas
  • Cold applied – No heat required

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