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Why Overcoat a Flat Roof?

Date Published: April 28, 2022

As a roofing contractor, you know all too well that some roofs simply can’t be saved. Occasionally you’ll be asked to quote for a flat roof repair and can immediately see that the problem runs deeper. In this case, there is usually only one choice, to rip the entire roof out and rebuild it from scratch.

However, if the timber structure is still solid, you can avoid the costly exercise of removing timber boards and decking, as well as the labour required to accomplish the additional job. You can achieve this by overcoating the flat roof with a superior waterproofing system.


Roofing contractors can benefit from providing a more cost-effective option than completely pulling up a roof. For this reason, liquid waterproofing systems have become increasingly popular on projects of all shapes and sizes.

When a business or building owner considers having their roof repaired, they consider more than labour and supply costs. To completely remove their roof, their business will likely have to shut for a period of time. Whether it’s for a day, a few days, or even a few weeks, the cost of this disruption soon adds up!

Don’t you think these clients would prefer a solution that required less downtime?

Overcoating systems offer the perfect solution for restoring the roof’s integrity, without the disruption of a full roof replacement.


We’ve demonstrated that offering an overcoating system to your consumers can be a huge advantage. Now, let’s discuss the possibilities.

There are a variety of overcoating products you can use for a range of projects. The right one for your task will depend on the type of substrate you’re attempting to cover and the final effect you want to achieve. 

WIDOPAN have a range of products to suit all surfaces. From overcoating felt and asphalt sheet membranes to waterproofing cement, sheet metal and even encapsulating asbestos – we have the right tool for the job. 

Browse our full range of liquid waterproofing and overcoating products, or speak to a member of the team for advice on your next project.