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WIDOPAN Installer Training Centre Unveiled

Date Published: June 20, 2020

WIDOPAN Installer Training Centre Unveiled

Widopan liquid waterproofing has refurbished its training facilities and it’s proving a big hit with new and existing roofing contractors…

Last week, we opened the doors to our newly refurbished Installer Training Centre in West Horndon, Essex. 

We proudly welcomed roofing contractors into our new facility, kicking off with the first of many courses to come. Those who attended on the day took part in our interactive training sessions to become fully certified WIDOPAN Approved Installers.

Staff and trainees alike had an enjoyable day, with plenty of positive feedback on our new facilities and the content of the training course. We look forward to welcoming more groups of contractors through our doors over the coming weeks, months and years. 


Our training facility has undergone a complete transformation, bringing it up to our high standards. The renovation includes a new demonstration and application area, allowing for more hands-on learning within our training program.

Now, we are able to offer enough space for each trainee to have their own dedicated bench space for undertaking sample installations of our systems. As such, trainees have an enhanced learning experience and get more from their sessions. In addition, we now have a dedicated conference room with a smart TV for presentations.


A good chef never blames his tools. And a wise manufacturer knows its products are only as good as the people using them. For that reason, we offer specialised training for roofing contractors interested in using WIDOPAN products. Once certified, contractors can offer liquid waterproofing services to their clients.  

WIDOPAN training courses are hosted by our German Technical Director and Head of Application Engineering – Gernot Harms. Held over one day, our training programme begins with a slideshow presentation providing information on our company. Trainees will also become familiarised with our range and what makes each product unique. 

These training courses include installation demonstrations of our various products before trainees get hands-on experience of our WIDOPAN-FD waterproofing system.

If you are interested in attending our next session at the Installer Training Centre and becoming a WIDOPAN Approved Contractor – please contact us here