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WIDOPAN, No Job Too Small

Date Published: July 20, 2022

In previous blogs, we have highlighted some of the prestigious projects that WIDOPAN products and systems have been involved in.

However, our products are highly regarded in many contexts, from the small roofing jobs to the largest projects.

This article showcases some uses for our products and systems on some of the smaller projects.

Smaller Residential Projects 

Flat roofs are a common choice for new extensions – especially single-story ones.

As well as looking more contemporary, flat roofs can incorporate design features such as skylights and light wells.

Designing the structure from start to finish allows you to create all the falls needed before laying the final protective coating.

Alternatively, you may be replacing an existing flat roof on a previously finished extension.

Adjustments may need to be made to rectify previous flaws in the design of the roof structure. Cold applied liquid waterproofing systems are ideal for use on both these types of projects. 

WIDOPAN offers a large selection of products that are ideal for both refurbishment and new construction.

These include our WIDOPAN-FD polyester system and our PMMA-based WIDOCRYL-PM TEN system. Both products utilise our industry-leading polyester fleece as a reinforcement layer, providing a strong and flexible waterproof seal for an old or new roof.

Maintenance And Repairs

On occasion, you may need to target a few smaller areas that require waterproofing or repairing. A leaky gutter or seal may allow rainwater ingress, but you want to tackle the issue yourself.

You now don’t need to call a professional for minor roof and gutter repairs like these. Widopan is perfect for small roofing jobs. 

WIDOPAN’s Rep-Kit is a trade-approved product that any non-specialist contractor or operative can use.

This complete waterproofing repair kit provides a quick and easy solution to many roof repairs and seals.

Apply it to almost any clean, dry and dust-free surface, and it becomes rainproof within 30 minutes and fully cured within 1 hour.

WIDOPAN’s one application, permanent waterproofing repair, is a handy kit to have on hand for all those smaller jobs.

The equipment is readily available for use right away and is simple to stack, store, and transport. The package includes everything you need to complete the waterproofing repair.

Eliminate the need to find additional tools and materials or make extra trips up and down ladders.

For advice on the right product for your project, no matter how big or small, contact a member of our team now.