Widocryl-Point Fix, No Need For Mechanical Roof Fixings


Solar panels are becoming a common sight on the tops of buildings in cities and towns all over the country.

Implementing this type of technology can be a great way of generating electricity.

Solar systems keep your building running costs down and reduce your carbon footprint. 

However, when fastening solar panel modules and rails, drilled holes and additional stresses are added to flat roofs.

This type of mechanical fixing penetrates the surface, leading to water intrusion and damage to the roof membrane, with potentially disastrous consequences. 

Using a product that securely fixes installed equipment while still ensuring that your roof remains waterproof is crucial. In cases like these, WIDOPAN has the ideal solution for your project.

Introducing WIDOCRYL-Point Fix

WIDOCRYL-Point Fix is a specially designed resin with a simple application method, allowing you to complete installations in minutes.

Using our unique fastening technology, you benefit from an ultra-strong and fast curing fixing system.

With no need for screw connections or superimposed loads, the necessary equipment is fixed quickly and securely without creating any future problems.

WIDOCRYL-Point Fix is compatible with any liquid waterproofing system and designed especially for low weight-bearing, light roofs.

It is usable on many substrates. Providing you use the correct primer, WIDOCRYL-Point Fix will adhere to almost every surface, and attachments are permanently waterproof.

Bridging height differences in the roof membrane and compatible with many fixtures, this versatile product is easy to work with.

An Alternative To Mechanical Fixings

Safety and practicality are two key concerns you will have when fixing objects to the roof of your structure.

You may worry that without mechanical fixings, your installation may become loose and detach itself over time.

That’s not something you will need to worry about when using WIDOPAN materials.

This well-established product has been subject to rigorous testing at the Braunschweig Materials Testing Centre in Germany.

Shown to have adhesive strength values many times the holding force required for wind suction, WIDOCRYL is a trusted roofing product. 

All manufacturers of renewable energy systems for solar and photovoltaic installations and licensed specialist companies in this field can now take full advantage of this excellent fastening technology.

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